Buffalo Turkey Soup in Crockpot



  1. 1 lb of turkey breast meat
  2. 1 tbsp of butter
  3. 1 tsp of salt
  4. 1 tsp of pepper
  5. 1 can of white navy beans (14.5 oz)
  6. 1 can of fire roasted tomatoes, drained (14.5 oz)
  7. 4 cups of chicken broth
  8. ¼-½ cup of buffalo wing sauce (we use Moore’s brand)
  9. 1 packet of ranch dressing mix
  10. 1 cup of whole kernel frozen corn
  11. ½ tsp of onion powder
  12. ½ tsp garlic powder
  13. 1 block of cream cheese
  14. Crumbled blue cheese (just enough for topping)


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Cut turkey breast into ½ inch pieces
  2. Heat frying pan to medium-high. Brown turkey pieces in pan with butter, a little salt, and pepper. You just want to sear the meat. You don’t need to cook it all the way through. 
  3. Add turkey pieces and remaining ingredients, except the cream cheese, in crockpot and stir.
  4. Add a block of cream cheese on the top and cover
  5. Cook on high for 4 hours
  6. Stir and add additional wing sauce and seasoning if needed
  7. Top individual bowls with crumbled blue cheese


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