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Pinhoti Green Reverse Combo

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It’s a combo cut from the Pinhoti Project! Although it’s late to the show for 2021 that doesn’t mean it’s not legit (we could blame it on Covid but really turkey season happened). A medium GREEN top reed followed by a latex and proph backbone with the PERFECT side tension this call will impress anyone that prefers the combo cut configuration. We’ve left you guys hangin’ for the last year but no more! We now have a Pinhoti Combo!


*we can not accept returns for mouth calls.

Weight .02 lbs

2 reviews for Pinhoti Green Reverse Combo

  1. Dan Lone

    By far the best sounding call and the right amount of rasp towards the end of your yelping. Cutts sound amazing and you can get soft with it.

  2. Joey

    Can create loud, natural cuts with minimal pressure. Jake yelps are great as well.

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