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Pinhoti Purple Ghost

(12 customer reviews)


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The Pinhoti Purple Ghost is a fine specimen of a 2.5 reed yelper. It boasts more body and boldness than ever thought possible from a ghost cut. With next to no air pressure necessary to run, it will blow your mind when you decide to “crank” on it. The Purple Ghost will give you top to bottom performance with it’s light stretch and reed configuration. Simply put, a call this user-friendly shouldn’t be so versatile.

Weight .02 lbs

12 reviews for Pinhoti Purple Ghost

  1. Adell Tabar (verified owner)

    That purple is special! Dave knows what he’s doing! The turkey king himself! Mister, Doctor, brother, The Pastor, Mr Dave Owens.

  2. Josh (verified owner)

    This is the one. The best call I’ve tried so far. Will definitely buy again!

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    Call was sent to me with the ghost cut not in the middle of the call with made the tension off.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    This will be my new go-to call. You can makes all the sounds with very little effort, soft to loud. I just wish I had bought more of them!

  5. Roderick Greer (verified owner)

    Love this call so easy to make soft or loud calls .

  6. Jim Ryser

    Get this call if you not only want to get Tom’s attention but hens coming to you as well. Just finished hunting in Mississippi and had there been any toms following the hens that came to this call I’d be going home with the bird. Gobbling was slow in the patches that I happened to hunt; this one and the blue ghost on my to go to calls. Honestly, however this is my favorite.

  7. Tyler Bingham (verified owner)

    Would not go in the woods without it!

  8. Josh Coleman (verified owner)

    Great sounding call. Seems to have low stretch so it takes very little effort to get a good sound. If you like to be able to dial back the volume and still get the right tone, this is the one. It can get aggressive if you push it hard but I personally think this call is great for soft talk which to me, is what kills turkeys.

  9. Luke Wallace (verified owner)

    Got one this morning with the PG. Really put this call to the test pulling 2 birds off hens. Great all around call for loud yelps all the way to soft purrs to get him in range.

  10. Dave

    The purple is the one! I have all 3 but this call is amazing! I’ve called in 6 gobblers so far this season with this call. Two birds down! Thank you for making awesome products.

  11. Eddy Jamieson

    I bought a call or two. From David in passed. just hard finding them in stock in. I realize it’s a small company with Hunters so I get it. Worth the wait. I’ll stock up this off season.

  12. Cade

    I’ve tried every mouth yelper i can get my hands on and this one blows the rest out of the water. Will be ordering a pile of them before spring 24

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