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Pinhoti Blue Ghost

(11 customer reviews)


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The Pinhoti Blue Ghost- 2.5 reeds of finely stretched perfection. Light stretch and heavier top reed with the special blend of “herbs and spices.”*we can not accept returns on calls.

Weight .02 lbs

11 reviews for Pinhoti Blue Ghost

  1. Ryan Harkins

    Never heard a call produce purrs and clicks and whines like this call. No I would not recommend to a At least not where I hunt. That way I am the only real hen around!

  2. Brandon C.

    Best call I’ve used in a long time! It has its own unique sound that longbeards love! Turkey Posion at it’s finest!

  3. Justin B (verified owner)

    I just received my blue and grey ghost this week and all I can say is wow. These calls are awesome and easy to use. I have been a woodhaven guy for years but these just won me over.

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    Use this call in Florida and the gobblers loved it. Easy to use and really love the way it sounds. Getting ready to use it on an eastern🦃🦃

  5. Andrew McInnes (verified owner)

    Hands down the easiest soft blowing call I’ve used. I can’t wait to use it in a few weeks. Definitely will be a call I’ll never leave home without!

  6. Kyle welch (verified owner)

    I have been chewing on calls for 40 years if they don’t have tonal range they don’t get it done, this one does winner winner turkey dinner.

  7. Mike Rowland

    Great sounding caller.
    I used all season this year.
    The birds loved. I run my calls all day. And it held the tone almost all day.
    Some I switched between the blue and grey ghost cut all day. The grey has more rasp. I used the blue ghost cut the call in a long spurred heavy gobbler May 7 2022 for my friend and later the same day I used it along with a pot to get me a Longbeard too. All in all great mouth call.

  8. Jim Ryser

    Since turkeys come to Dave Owens to learn how to talk, I decided I had better learn from the best WITH the best. This call lasted my entire seasons of 2021 and 2022 and I am the music guy for The Hunting Public and also for Pinhoti on occasion – so you know I am out A LOT and I know the music of calls. Each one of us calls a little differently, but it sure is nice to have a call that lets me do every sound a hen can make with practice! I’m no Dave but dang I can call em in like never before!!

  9. Joey (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best ghost cut I’ve used.
    I like that the tips are cut off that top reed and reduce the rasp significantly. It’s been my experience that turkey calls these days have way too much rasp and this one nails it perfectly.
    Fantastic bubble clucks, tree yelps, and whines flow out with minimal pressure.
    You can also cut and get loud with this call without losing realism.
    Favorite call thus far.

  10. Jordan Blissett (verified owner)

    Having the best season of my life using this Yelper!

  11. Tyler W (verified owner)

    Best mouth call I’ve ever used. Great sounds and easy to use.

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