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Pinhoti Red Batwing

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Pinhoti Red Batwing- 3 reeds of finely stretched perfection. Medium stretch with a just a fuzz of "overhang" to give you just the right about of rasp.*we can not accept returns on calls
Weight .056 lbs

2 reviews for Pinhoti Red Batwing

  1. Jim Ryser

    I primarily use the Blue Ghost but when I need a change in call sound but not technique I slide this one in. It’s got great rasp as you expect from a batwing but it has its own distinctive sound as well. It does amazing purrs, excellent Jake yelps, and rasps like an old boss hen – I called in several hens with it this season (but no darned gobblers were in tow…). This is a secret weapon for sure!

  2. Joey

    Excellent call for those times when more volume and/or rasp is wanted.
    Not too much overhang yields a more natural rasp.

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